How To Join

So you've heard how awesome the Sports Union can be, and now you want to join up. It's really easy and here's how:

Online: Join up on this website!

In Person: Popping into the SU office on Level 7 of the Union to join online.

  • Payment online is by credit/debit card through World Pay or if you'd prefer to pay by cash, you should enter your details online and indicate you wish to pay in person in the Union, Finance Office, L9 between the hours of 10-4pm, Mon-Fri.
  • Please note your membership card will be available to collect at the reception on Level 1 of the Union building. Please bring your order number and student matric card on collection, we look forwarding to seeing you, both new and old members.

What do you get for your membership?

  • The opportunity to join your choice of more than 53 clubs.
  • Insurance for training and competitive activities.
  • Not all activities abroad are covered. Please speak to a member of staff before activity.
  • Access to funding support - Coaching and Development, Coach and Instructor Qualifications, Activity Leader, Club Equipment and Extraordinary.
  • Opportunity to represent your university at Scottish, British and World Level.
  • Financial support for top athletes - whether or not there is a club for your sport.
  • Financial support for members to participate in both recreational and competitive activity - through entry fees, transport and affiliations to NGBs.
  • Excellent booking times for SU registered clubs to utilise within the University sports facilities.
  • Representation - If you have a sporting related problem, the Sports President and Sports Executive Committee can lobby the relevant organisation on you behalf.
  • Access to resources, information and support in developing clubs, coaches and volunteer development.
  • Opportunities to volunteer to develop your CV and involvement in sport.
  • 20% discount with First Class Physiotherapy.
  • Most importantly of all, a chance to make new friends and have fun whilst keeping fit!

 Costs for 2016-2017

  • Undergraduate / Postgraduate: £30 (Sep 2016 - Aug 2017)
  • Graduate / Staff: £44 (Sep 2016 - Aug 2017)
  • Erasmus / Exchange Students Only: £20 (Sep 2016 - Dec 2016 OR Jan 2017 - Aug 2017)

How to Join a Club
Once you have joined the Sports Union, you are free to join any of the 53 clubs which are affiliated.  Please contact the relevant Club Captain/Secretary by clicking here for our A-Z list.

Extra Costs
Please note the SU clubs and the University facilities may charge additional fees for some/all activities.  It is down to the individual member to seek out information regarding these costs.  Individual clubs will differ and should you have queries please contact club committees for further information.

Here is a small breakdown of the extra costs which may be applicable:

  • SU membership fee = £30 for an academic year (£44 for Staff/Alumni; £20 for Erasmus students).
  • If the club(s) you wish to join DO use the Centre for Sport & Recreation facilities (including Royal College Gym & Swimming Pool), there will be additional fee on top of the SU membership to gain access to the Sports Union clubs.  This can either be purchased as a GYM membership = £101.00 for a year / £59.00 for 1 semester where the CSR Gym, exercise classes & pool can be used unlimited . . . . . OR . . . . . . you can pay-per-visit when you have Sports Union Club Training @ £2.00 per visit.
  • If the club(s) you wish to join DO NOT use the University Facilities, there may be be an additional fee for external venues, however this is down to club discretion. Club Committees should tell you in advance if there are specific costs for a given session, so make sure you find out all the information before signing up!

 If you have any queries on how to join, please contact the Sports Union on 0141 567 5060 / or visit our offices on Level 7!


  1. Members must provide the Sports Union with accurate contact details and inform the Sports Union if these change.
  2. Members must complete the appropriate Sports Union application process.  Members are responsible for informing the Sports Union of any changes to their health which may raise the risk for them participating in exercise.
  3. A 14 day ‘cooling off’ period will apply to all memberships purchased subject to a £10 administration charge. This is reliant on the member being able to demonstrate they have not used any of the clubs within the Sports Union.
  4. Membership subscriptions may be refunded at the Sports Union’s discretion on medical grounds on production of the appropriate documentation.
  5. Memberships are not transferable. Any breach of this may result in that membership being suspended or cancelled without refund and leave the member open to University discipline procedures.