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Sports Union at the University of Strathclyde Students' Association (USSA)

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In addition to these conditions for the strathsports.co.uk Online Shop, the terms of the Website (http://www.strathstudents.com referred to as Strathstudents) shall also apply.

Contact Details

All requests for refunds, queries, complaints should be directed to:

Sports Union, Level 7 (OR The Finance Department, Level 9)
90 John Street
G1 1JH

Telephone: 0141 567 5012

Email: admin@strathsports.co.uk
Email: it@strathstudents.com

Privacy Policy

Personal information gathered by the online shop shall be used only for the purposes of processing orders made via the online shop. This information will include but not be limited to Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address. This information shall be used only by the staff of the USSA for the purposes of verifying payment details and processing the order. The information will not be disclosed to any third parties with the exception of WorldPay. The information is stored on a secure server which is only accessible by authorised staff. Information gathered shall be kept for as long as necessary to fulfil legal requirements.

Payment Processing

The only methods of payment currently supported by the Online Shop are the Credit and Debit Cards supported by our processor. Payment Processing is currently carried out by the company RBS WorldPay. They are a division of the Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Plc. who specialise in processing such payments. The USSA collect details such as name and address which are required by WorldPay and this is passed to them. WorldPay then collect your Credit / Debit card details via a secure server.

It should be noted that USSA do not collect, nor store any Credit or Debit Card Details. This is handled entirely by WorldPay.


While the University of Strathclyde Students' Association (USSA) has used reasonable endeavors to ensure that all information or data contained in this On-line Payment Website is correct, accurate and reliable, it disclaims all representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the Online Shop or to the information, content, products or services included in this site including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, other than to the extent to which the same shall be protected by law.

University of Strathclyde Students' Association is not a Credit Broker.

University of Strathclyde Students' Association operates under Scottish law and is subject to the Jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

In no circumstances, other than to the extent unavoidable at law, shall University of Strathclyde Students' Association, or any of its officers or employees be liable for any loss, costs or damage howsoever arising suffered as a result of the use of this web site or the information, content or products contained or referred to herein.


  1. Members must provide the Sports Union with accurate contact details and inform the Sports Union if these change.
  2. Members must complete the appropriate Sports Union application process.  Members are responsible for informing the Sports Union of any changes to their health which may raise the risk for them participating in exercise.
  3. A 14 day ‘cooling off’ period will apply to all memberships purchased subject to a £10 administration charge. This is reliant on the member being able to demonstrate they have not used any of the clubs within the Sports Union.
  4. Membership subscriptions may be refunded at the Sports Union’s discretion on medical grounds on production of the appropriate documentation.
  5. Memberships are not transferable. Any breach of this may result in that membership being suspended or cancelled without refund and leave the member open to University discipline procedures.

As a Sports Union member you must carry the card to all training, fixtures and related Sports Union Events. Failure to produce your card on request may result in members not be allowed to participate as we cannot confirm your insurance coverage.

I am aware it is my responsibility to;

  1. Inform the club's committee/ coach/ trip organiser of any medical conditions or previous injuries that may affect my safe participation in the sport.
  2. Ensure that I fully understand the exact nature of each activity I undertake, the risks involved, skill levels required and the equipment needed for my sale participation.
  3. not participate in any activity where I am unsure of the aspects mentioned in Point 2.
  4. Notify my next of kin of my desire to take part in the sport before engagin in the activity.

By purchasing affiliation to the Sports Union and membership to one of its clubs, I agree to read the Sports Union Code of Conduct and to act in accordance with this, the Club’s Constitution and the following Sports Union Policies and guidelines. (Available to view www.strathsports.co.uk/policies):

•           Social Media Guidelines
•           Responsible Drinking Policy
•           Tours Policy

I also agree that any photographs / videos taken in relation to organised club activities may be used by the Sports Union, University of Strathclyde Students Association or the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, for its promotional material at their discretion. They may be used in printed and electronic form, and may appear in different publications (including but not exclusively, websites, television and large scale exhibition panels) within the British Isles and overseas. (No photos of students under 18s will be used without specific written parental consent for each instance)

N.B. Your Sports Union membership could be revoked or suspend at any time if you contravene any of the codes or policies put in place for your and fellow students safety and enjoyment.

Please direct any queries on the Terms & Conditions to the Sports Union, ussa.sports@strath.ac.uk

Ball Events

Choice of a preferred person to sit next to is not a guarantee that the ticket holder will be sat next to the person specified, as it may be impossible to arrange seating to match every participants preference.

Dietary requirements must be specified at the time of booking. Requirements submitted after booking cannot be guaranteed to be met.

Where events have limited seating, tickets are issued on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets are only considered reserved once payment has been completed. Completion of the online order form does not constitute a reservation until such time as payment has been received.

General Terms

By accessing this website you accept and agree to the following terms:-

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information displayed on this site no warranty or representation is given as to its quality, accuracy or completeness. It is the responsibility of the user to judge the accuracy of information before relying on it in any way.

The University of Strathclyde Students’ Union (USSA) will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of whatever nature arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this site, or from any error or omission in information contained in the site. USSA reserves the right to amend or otherwise alter the information displayed on this site.

Any links to other websites provided by this website have been included for convenience only and USSA accept neither responsibility nor liability for the contents of any linked website. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by USSA of any linked website or its provider.

Copyright in the content of the site and USSA and Sports Union trade marks logos and brands contained in the site belongs to USSA. Users are permitted to download and store (on a temporary basis) any of the contents of this site provided this is solely to view such contents using a personal computer. Users are forbidden to permanently copy or store or in any way redistribute the contents of this site. The access, downloading and/or use by any person of the contents of this site or anything available from this site is entirely at the user's own risk. Members of USSA may however download and copy documents expressly presented as downloadable for the use of members.

When buying tickets/products/registrations etc. with a waiver attached, you will accept the waiver by accepting these Terms and Conditions.

These terms shall be governed by Scots law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts. Nothing in these terms shall exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.

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