2018 Club Committee Handover

F.A.O Club Committee members

As you know, the 2017-18 student sport season is now tapering off with a focus on electing new Club Committee groups for next academic year.

We’ve recently added a new ClubMark section to the Club Management Portal (CMP) which we will use to carry out the Club Committee Handover process. Documents will be uploaded periodically over the next few weeks, with each having it’s own expiry date for outgoing and incoming committee’s to complete.

Please login in to your club profile on the CMP for further information. We recommend that the outgoing committee spend some time with the incoming Club Committee to collaboratively complete forms to ensure appropriate succession planning and continuity between student groups. With a big summer ahead as we transition to the new Strathclyde Sport building, we’ll be looking to sign off all 53 Club Committee Handover’s as early as possible and are grateful for your engagement during this time.

There’s no harm in organising a short training workshop with incoming Club Committee’s, and please feel free to introduce your new officer bearer’s to the Sports Union office before the summer break.

How to submit handover documents

  1. Log on to the Club Management Portal using unique club login details
  2. Click ‘View Club Documents’ in the ClubMark function of the portal
  3. Download the appropriate Handover document
  4. Once the Handover document completed, upload to the CMP by clicking ‘Attach New File’ to relevant area
  5. Select ‘Yes’ when asked to update relevant time fields

Deadlines for submission

  1. Club Budget Application: 11th May 2018
  2. Club Committee Details: 25th May 2018
  3. Club Operational Plan: 25th May 2018
  4. Equipment Inventory: 25th May 2018
  5. Handover Checklist: 25th May 2018


We’re also delighted to note the successful election of students to the Sports Union Executive Committee, who will officially take up post on 1st August 2018.

Congratulations to the following students:

Vice President of Sports and Well-being: Alex Brock
VP: Maddy Watson
Finance Officer: Conlyn Comrie
Awards Officer: Andy Tromp
IT Officer: Greg Watson
Inclusion and Well-being Officer: Mollie Miller-smith
Events Officer: Kirsty Gordon
Exec Officer: Leah Press
Active Officer: Iona Macintyre-Beon
Sponsorship and Marketing Officer: Elaine Wallace

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff for help with Club Committee Handover.



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