Who Are we?

We are the constituted coordinating body for all student sport at the University of Strathclyde. The most important factor of the Sports Union is that it is run by students for students. Through a system of democratic committees each member has a voice as to how decisions are made.


The University of Strathclyde Sports Union was founded in 1921 as the Royal Technical College Athletic Club. Over the years there have been numerous changes to the name and structure, but we officially became part of the Students’ Association in 1989 when the merger of the two bodies created our current structure.

sports executive

The Sports President is elected each year from the student body for a one year full time (paid) position and is assisted by the Sports Executive, made up of 12 elected students democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting. Would you like to be part of the team? Click here to read more on our group of volunteers and how to get involved.


We are your dedicated sport team who oversee development and delivery of the student sport programme at the University. We are passionate about what we do; come and say hello if you see us on campus.

Alex Brock

Sport President

Fraser Michie

Head of Sport Development

Leanne Carnan

Sports Union Coordinator

Abby Irvine

Sport Programme Coordinator

Christy McLeod

Student Sport Assistant

Hugo Spinola

Student Sport Assistant

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