Safety is a priority for all student sports clubs and the primary responsibility for elected club committee members. The Sports Union Executive exist to help with any safety issues that student clubs may encounter throughout the academic year.

The Sports Union seeks to maintain and develop:

  • Awareness of the potential risk inherent in sport and the duty of care that club and committee members have to minimise it for the benefits of all participants.
  • A culture of safety consciousness upheld by all club members and particularly amongst club committee members.
  • A number of control measures to affect and enforce good safety practices in the club.

To ensure – so far as is reasonably practicable and without unduly compromising the student sport experience at Strathclyde – the Sports Union Executive and affiliated sports club committee compliance with all safety legislation and with safety stipulations in the USSU constitution and By-laws. To help achieve this, the Sports Union Executive will:

  • Take all reasonable practical steps to ensure that clubs have and adhere to appropriate safety policies.
  • Organise safety and first aid training for Club Officials and members.
  • Disseminate good safety practices to club committees;
  • Provide reasonable assistance to clubs when acquiring skills or equipment, which have safety benefits (e.g. Helmets and SGB awards).


Essential health & safety documents and online form to ensure the safe running of student sports club activity: