Sports Club Membership Bolt-on Fees – Information Required!

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As you know, the collective group of University of Strathclyde Sports Clubs voted to amend the USSU constitution to allow clubs the opportunity to charge an option bolt-on fee, additional to the annual Sports Union membership.

Over the summer period we will be working with partners to develop our online web shop function of the website to include individual club fees at point of purchase for any new or returning members.

We would like to continue close engagement during this period and are keen for club committees to now consider what bolt-on membership options you would like to offer next term, as well as price point for each option (see example at end of this email).

As a general guideline, we would encourage clubs interested in charging bolt-on fees to keep costs incurred to members as low as reasonably and practically possible to encourage participation and remain competitive with other clubs at Strathclyde.

Therefore, it is our recommendation that clubs should pitch year one active member fees between the £10 – £40 price range for active members; however we do understand clubs with significant running costs may need to exceed this amount.

While clubs have the opportunity to apply for funding support throughout the academic year, we do recommend committees taking into account annual areas of expenditure when finalising active membership fees. For example:

  • National Governing Body affiliation fees
  • External facility hire
  • Competitions
  • Match officials
  • Club coaching
  • Club kit
  • Any other priority club costs

Example club membership bolt-on scales:

Membership type Cost What does this include?
Active member £25 £10 NGB affiliation, £10 pitch hire, £5 match officials
Semester only member £12.50 £5 NGB affiliation, £5 pitch hire, £2.50 match officials
Social member £5 Generally charged for fundraising purposes

Please note club bolt-on fees are optional and charged totally at the discretion of the committee. All money raised through bolt-on fees will be deposited to the Club Savings Account held with the Students’ Association, only accessible to members of the Club Committee.

Bolt-on Membership Fee information for 2018-19 season should now be submitted via the following survey link by one member of the Club Committee who has been delegated appropriate authority:

Responses should be submitted no later than Friday 25th May 2018. All clubs are advised to complete this form, even if the committee has taken the decision not to charge membership fees for 2018-19.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Sports Union directly if you have any questions.


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